• January 24, 2018 – System Fabric Works announces Artificial Intelligence Enterprise Solutions

    System Fabric Works provides turnkey engineered solutions utilizing best-of-breed technologies from NetApp, Fujitsu, Nvidia, Mellanox, and Bright Computing to enable the exploration and realization of the value of AI/Machine Learning in your Enterprise… [more]

  • November 27, 2017 – System Fabric Works and ThinkParQ become partners for highest speed Parallel File System

    Today System Fabric Works announces its support and integration of the BeeGFS file system with the latest NetApp E-Series All Flash and HDD storage systems which makes BeeGFS available on the family of NetApp E-Series Hyperscale Storage products as part of System Fabric Work’s (SFW) Converged Infrastructure solutions for high-performance Enterprise Computing, Data Analytics and Machine Learning. [more]

Upcoming Events

  • May 6-8, 2018 – Austin, TX – Advanced Scale Forum 2018

    Brought to you by Tabor Communications and nGage Events, The Advanced Scale Forum is the convergence of two conferences – Leverage Big Data and Enterprise HPC – to bring together a power forum created to solve challenges in the build-out of scalable advanced enterprise computing solutions.