In today’s rapidly evolving environment, Information Technology planning, decisions and adaptability are the foundations for achieving business objectives in research, engineering, operations, and marketing. Staying up-to-date with the latest technology while at the same time operating and supporting current operations are significant challenges for any CIO, CTO and other IT decision makers. Frequently, help and consultation are sought to help assess the readiness of industry solutions and technologies and the probability of the successful delivery of results.

System Fabric Works (SFW) specializes in solutions for client’s products and deployed enterprise IT infrastructures. SFW’s focus is on the potential for applying higher performance computing, deeper analytical tools and updating to a faster infrastructure to accelerate digital transformation and the appropriate adoption of artificial intelligence.

System Fabric Work’s reputation is for delivering solutions tailored to the customer’s requirements, on-time with results that frequently exceed expectations. SFW’s engagements and projects usually include an agreed upon Statement of Work which can comprise both Software Development and System Integration Deliverables drawn from the following technologies:

SFW Solution Focus Areas

  • HPC Infrastructure and Cluster Architectures
  • Cluster Design, Including Compute Nodes, Interconnects, Servers, and File Systems
  • Fabric and Interconnect Technologies
  • Integration with Existing Infrastructures
  • Parallel File Systems such as Lustre, BeeGFS, etc.
  • RDMA Interconnect and Network Software
  • Open Source Software as Appropriate
  • Testing and Performance Optimization
  • System and Cluster Management
  • Workload and Application Scheduling
  • Hardware/Software Virtualization and Containers
  • Analytic Software Solutions
  • AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning Solutions

SFW Service Deliverables

  • Strategic Technology Consultation
  • Client Audit and Requirements Assessment
  • Project Definition and Planning
  • Systems Architecture and Design
  • Multifaceted Specifications
  • Bill of Material Creation and Provisioning
  • Project Management and Scheduling
  • Software Acquisition and Development
  • Systems Integration and Deployment
  • Application Testing and Acceptance
  • Operations Training and Support