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AcuSolve and Scale-Out Computing on AWS (SOCA) – Price and Performance

AWS provides an incredible array of instance type and storage options for HPC workloads. Our previous post discussed the AWS options that System Fabric Works (SFW) chose for Altair AcuSolve™  workloads on Scale-Out Computing for AWS. This entry presents the job turn-around time and price-per-run results found by the SFW study. SFW decided to use [...]

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AcuSolve and Scale-Out Computing on AWS (SOCA)

Our previous post discussed Scale-Out Computing on AWS, a turn-key cluster solution for executing HPC workloads. This entry reports on a System Fabric Works (SFW) study that  compares job turn-around time (performance) and job price-per-run for a real-world HPC workload on SOCA. In determining a real-world HPC workload for our SOCA cluster, SFW turned to [...]

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Scale-Out Computing on AWS (SOCA)

AWS recently announced its Scale-Out Computing on AWS (SOCA) platform, an open source, cloud-based cluster and workload management solution that brings cost-effective, high-performance computing (HPC) capabilities to virtually anyone. System Fabric Works (SFW) recently employed SOCA to execute HPC workloads on AWS and would like to share our experience with the community. The SOCA platform [...]

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