Our Highly Skilled Software Developers Can Help You Achieve Success

Many companies today find themselves in a situation where having the right software development skills at the right time is imperative to business success. Typically, there is little time to solution available in order to meet fast changing business needs.

With System Fabric Works, you get a partner who not only understands how to build software for high performance/enterprise class applications; you also get a company whose developers are experienced with the vendor technology platforms and agile development practices which allow delivery of high quality software on time and within budget.

Past Software Development Projects

  • Definition and implementation of hardware RoCEv2 provider driver and user-space library.
  • Soft RoCE/Soft RoCEv2
  • User-space RDMA based archival file storage system and controller software to holographic memory
  • Prototype implementation of Portals 4 over InfiniBand
  • Port of OFED to proprietary embedded hardware and implementation of IB driver running over sRIO
  • Solaris drivers to support running OFED user-space code over the Solaris InfiniBand stack
  • InfiniBand SRP prototype implementation for Solaris and VxWorks
  • InfiniBand iSER prototype implementation for VxWorks
  • Linux InfiniBand 4X router mode driver

Software Development Skills

  • Linux, Solaris, and VxWorks device drivers
  • Network stacks and offloads
  • RDMA storage protocols
  • IB OFA/OFI Provider drivers/ libraries
  • RoCEv2 OFA Provider drivers/libraries
  • RDMA application programing and performance tuning
  • Software/Firmware interface design

What is RDMA over converged ethernet (RoCE) and how can it help achieve better performance?