System Fabric Works was established as a company in 2002 helping our clients design and implement solutions which deliver high levels of performance, scalability and cost effectiveness, primarily for high performance systems and networks.

We have a well established reputation for meeting our clients needs in the areas of computing, networking, storage and file systems requirements in commercial, industrial and scientific/engineering enterprises. Our clients deploy high performance computing, enterprise data centers and cloud services. We frequently develop components of their products to serve those markets.

SFW’s specialization is that we are tightly engaged in working with the technologies and vendors that power the most innovative domains of the digital ecosystem, including High Performance Computing and Global Cloud Services. These engagements enable our team of experts to match large and medium-sized businesses with innovative, converged solutions that help them rapidly develop the infrastructure that matters most to their future.

SFW’s multi-disciplinary team provides consulting assistance with technical assessments, architectural proposals, software deployment and project management.


Kevin J. Moran

President & CEO

Kevin is a 25-year veteran of the computer industry. With a focus primarily on technology start-ups, he has been involved in all phases of business including software design, hardware design, engineering management, business development and executive management. His specialty is in helping businesses and industries architect and deploy technology solutions that move their business forward.

Former positions that Kevin has held include President of Saber Data, Ltd.; Director of Application Development at Panta Systems; Director of Software Development at VIEO; Chief Technology Officer at Ignite! Learning; Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder at Baleo, Inc.; Chief Technology Officer, Sheshunoff Information Systems, a division of Thomson/Rueters.

Makia Minich

Principal  Architect

With over 16 years of experience in the high-performance computing world, Makia has designed, integrated, deployed and run some of the largest computation and storage systems in the world.  At Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, he deployed the first production Linux computational clusters, provided development systems for the first versions of Lustre, and packaged and deployed early versions of Infiniband as well as the OpenFabrics software (OFED).   At Oak Ridge National
Laboratory, Makia continued this work by deploying the first OpenFabrics Infiniband stack on the Cray XT3 and helping deploy their first center-wide Lustre filesystem.  At Sun Microsystems, Makia designed Sun’s HPC Software Stack for Linux and helped deploy large-scale HPC systems in the field. Using that expertise, Makia moved to ClusterStor–a start up which was acquired by Xyratex and then acquired by Seagate–where Makia designed a method for reliably and repeatedly deploying Lustre storage systems using Xyratex enclosures. Later called ClusterStor, these storage systems have been installed world-wide including some of the largest and fastest storage systems in the world.

Diane Reeve

Vice President of Finance

Diane Reeve serves as Vice President of Finance, and has been with SFW since 2009. She has extensive accounting, operations, and human resource experience in the both the Government and non-profit sectors. Her past experience also includes a 5 year term as Business Manager with OpenFabrics Alliance. Diane holds a bachelor degree from the University of Northern Colorado, and pursued graduate studies at Liberty University.

Bob Pearson

Advisory Board Member

Bob is the founder of System Fabric Works and was a key individual in establishing its predecessor organizations (PMR and Vieo)as one of the leaders in high-speed I/O development. Before Bob was in the computing industry, he spent some time investigating particle physics. He now works for Cray.

Bill Boas

Advisory Board Member

Bill has over 40 years of experience in high-performance computing, networking, file systems and storage, applying RDMA architectures for power savings, lower latencies and improved performance for parallel applications and storage/file systems.

Bill is a stakeholder in System Fabric Works developing software and hardware capabilities in over 50 projects for the DOE Labs, DOD agencies, NASA, Wall Street and companies such as Cray, GE, Intel, France Telecom, Mellanox, Mercury, Microsoft, Oracle, SAIC, SGI, and Sun.