NetApp Storage Systems

NetApp storage systems offer IT efficiency, business agility, high application uptime, and simplified data management. Products Offered by System Fabric Works include:

E-Series Storage Systems

  • E5600
  • E2700

FAS Storage Systems

  • FAS8000 Series
  • FAS2500 Series

All–Flash FAS



Storage efficiency has become increasingly critical in order to avoid diminishing returns created by data movement impacts on client systems. In this environment, the key capability to achieve storage efficiency is data access that reaches directly from storage to applications – i.e., Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA). Our RDMA enabled systems provide high data rates and IOPS without excessively burdening client CPUs – preserving them for application usage.

SFW’s SystemFabricStor Appliances leverage the scalability of open source software, RDMA standards, commodity processors, PCI Express, and SAS/SATA/NVRAM/Flash storage technologies. SystemFabricStor supports RDMA over Ethernet and InfiniBand and can be used by systems running Linux, Windows, or Oracle.